Reconnecting community to the river

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A vision is being crafted for the Midland Brick site which aspires to create a dynamic new entry point to the Swan Valley.

The proposed development will reconnect the river foreshore to the local community, create better and safer transport routes for existing residents and introduce new landscaped areas for public recreation with substantial new plantings. Operations at Midland Brick will continue to support the local economy by providing employment.

What is planned for the redevelopment.
We are consolidating the existing 83 hectare brickworks operations to the north of the site to achieve a more efficient operational layout. This will move the brickworks operations further away from existing homes and unlock land to be redeveloped for high quality residential development and community amenities including landscaped public open space and tree-lined streets.

What’s happening to Midland Brick?
Midland Brick has operated continuously on the site for more than 70 years. Much of the site is now disused or is used to store bricks. There is an opportunity to better utilise the land and achieve a more efficient brickworks operation by consolidating operations within the northern portion of the site. This will unlock the remainder of the site for a high quality residential development with open space areas that retain the majority of large trees and public access to Swan River foreshore.

What stage is the project at?
Modifications to an existing subdivision design located to the east of Cranwood Crescent to the west of the site were approved by the WA Planning Commission in August 2020. The new approved design achieves a configuration that is more responsive to the site context, retains trees in road reserves and introduces a new pocket park for residents.

What is your plan for trees?
Our principles include to retain as many large native trees as possible, replacing any vegetation that needs to be removed with appropriate native species in landscaped open spaces and streets. We would like to involve the community in choosing street trees and appropriate native species.

Who is leading the project?
A consortium comprising Hesperia (a merger of Linc Property and Fini Group) and Birchmead (part of the CFC Group), are the owners of the Midland Brick business and land.

How do I find out more?
Future community engagement will focus on the proposed redevelopment of industrial land.

To register your interest, contact info@hesperia.com.au